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levee break 12x 16 oil on panel

I loved the drama of this day

The Storm Breaks 9×12 oil on panel

At Four in the AM it started raining like a cow P—- on a flat rock. I mean it hammered until about nine then it started to ease up I took a chance and went out to give it a try. I dodged the rain and the sun under an umbrella but got er done.

Fisk Cove 9×12 oil on panel

The first day I got to Sea Ranch The wind was howling and I did some exploring to find somewhere to paint the next day. I found this place way off the beaten path. Oddly there was a headstone here for a man named Fisk and his very young daughter dated 1871. He built a saw mill in this point and constructed an apparatus out of wood and cable anchored to a large rock to transfer lumber to the ships as they bobbed in the surf. I must have been dangerous. Anyway I had company as I worked this day.