An artist statement changes as it should as the artist ages. Like many young artists I set out to get rich, famous, and change the world all at once. Each painting was a new masterpiece bound to skyrocket me to stardom. The artist personality is often a balancing act of ego and humility. Too much ego and they will never learn anything. Not enough ego and they would not have enough confidence to get started. Talent is of course needed, but often it is overrated. It is the desire and the discipline that over the long haul that build the foundation that allows the artist to create a body of serious work. I could get all philosophical about the deeper meaning of Art. But, after so many years of painting it is enough to just paint. The work becomes a byproduct of a way of life. Observation and the act of painting are their own statement. Creating something of beauty and sharing it just might do some good in this world.